Windows Presentation Foundation By Jayesh Chudsama

Accessibility Best Practices for Windows Presentation Foundation
October 8, 2006, 7:35 am
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If you are looking for implementing best accessibility practice for WPF; here are good notes on Windows SDK MSDN.

Read more here.

Programmatic Access
Enable Programmatic Access to all UI Elements and Text
Place Names, Titles and Descriptions on UI Objects, Frames and Pages
Ensure Programmatic Events are Triggered by all UI Activities

User Settings
Respect all System-Wide Settings and do not Interfere with Accessibility Functions

Visual UI Design
Don’t Hard-Code Colors
Support High Contrast and all System Display Attributes
Ensure all UI Correctly Scales by any DPI Setting

Provide Keyboard Interface for all UI Elements
Show the Keyboard Focus
Support Navigation Standards and Powerful Navigation Schemes
Do not let Mouse Location Interfere with Keyboard Navigation

Multimodal Interface
Provide User-Selectable Equivalents for Non-Text Elements
Use Color but also Provide Alternatives to Color
Use Standard Input APIs with Device-Independent Calls


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