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XNA GSE – Free Game Development Tools
October 8, 2006, 6:33 am
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What is GSE?

GSE is a game development environment for Visual Studio. GSE is provided to the community to stimulate a healthy hobbyist and student game development ecosystem. By having a common (and free) platform people can develop, learn and share games and code libraries.

Where can GSE created games run?

Currently on Windows computers. Next they will be able to run on Xbox 360 systems. Beyond that, the imagination is the limit. Keeping in mind that basic graphics services and 3D rendering are needed.

What’s the best way to get started?

  • Install Visual C# Express.
  • Then install GSE.
  • Open Visual C# Express and Create New Project.
  • Choose “Space Wars Project”

Keep reading more on Richard Bailey’s Blog.


XNA GSE – Free Game Development Tools


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Also you can instantly check out the various of resources which are available already; quickly taken from my blog there is in example the following list of resources which are updated frequently or offer good content:
* XNA Resources
* XNA Development
* exDream
* XNA Spot
* XNAtutorial
* TheZBuffer
* xbox360 Homebrew

Simply google for the links or check out my entry where it comes from:

Also assides from that ofcourse the official XNA forums over at microsoft are a great resource, but a lot of bloggers are starting to talk about XNA as well which brings tips and code snippets to the public even more. XNA is really starting to get off.

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